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Home Quest Inspection

Common Questions

Why get a home inspection?
When do I call Home Quest?
What's included in our detailed inspection?
How long does the inspection take?
Should I be there for the inspection?
How much does an inspection cost?
Why choose Home Quest?
Will Home Quest inspect septic systems?

Why Get A Home Inspection?

Buying, selling or preserving a home involve major decisions, ones that should be based on all the facts available. The professional Home Inspector is not subject to the stress, excitement and anxiety which naturally distracts a buyer. Nor does he experience the "pride of ownership" that can prevent a seller or established home owner from seeing the flaws apparent in his or her dwelling.

Above all else, the inspector is professional, thorough and objective. As such, he will give an impartial evaluation of your situation.

For a home buyer, understanding and being comfortable with your potential investment just makes good sense. A professional home inspection gives you a visual examination of the structure and systems of the accessible areas. It identifies nonfunctioning systems, damaged building components, safety and quality issues.

When Do I Call Home Quest?

If you are contemplating buying a home then, once you decide upon a house or condominium that suits your needs, you will want to include an inspection clause in your offer. Then call Home Quest and schedule the inspection. You should also request any additional services or tests that we may schedule for you. We will give you a price when you call.

If you are contemplating selling your home then call us to schedule an appointment. The information you gain from our inspection report will enable you to make the wisest decisions regarding the sale of your home.

If you are an established home owner and are seeking the peace of mind from knowing that there are no major problems looming on the horizon, then call us to schedule an appointment. The inspection report will tell you all you need to know about the current condition of your home.

Lead time normally runs one to four days depending on the time of year. Make sure your Realtor allows enough time to schedule your home inspection.

When you are ready for knowledgeable, experienced professionals...
... call Home Quest home inspectors.

What's Included In Our Detailed Inspection?

The inspector's findings will be provided to you in a detailed written report describing our complete visual inspection from top to bottom the home. See our Inspection Overview for more information. 

How Long Does The Inspection Take?

The average inspection takes from two to three hours. This is dependent upon the age, condition and size of the property.

Should I Be There For The Inspection?

We encourage our clients to accompany us during the inspection. Remember, we work for you and we want you involved. We will explain the operation of the various components of the home as they are inspected. This is important information, and, for a home buyer, it will help you to become familiar with the home you are considering buying.

How Much Does An Inspection Cost?

The price of the inspection is determined by the size and age of the house and any other buildings. The price of any other additional testing that you want performed at the time of the inspection will be added to the price of the inspection. Call us for a quote. (If you're a home buyer, it will be helpful to have a copy of the listings available when you call.)

Will Home Quest Inspect Septic Systems?

Home Quest does not perform septic system inspections. Septic system repairs can be expensive, therefore we recommend that our clients schedule a septic contractor to evaluate the septic system independent of the home inspection. An independent septic contractor can pump the septic tank, inspect the tank, and check the flow throughout the system. Our office has a list of septic contractors in various towns that we believe do a quality inspection.