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5 Ways To Customize A Bathroom Space

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If you don’t feel it adequately does, there are a few simple ways to customized bathroom space to refresh this room so it feels one of a kind. This special space should reflect your personality and unique preferences. 

Bathrooms are one of the most frequented rooms in a home. It’s where you start and end your day, and can be room to relax and recharge in.

If you want to update your bathroom with customized features that suit your personality. Consider the following five ideas:


Bathroom lighting should be functional and fashionable. Enabling you to get ready for the day while also allowing you to relax in the evening. For example, while taking a calming bath. General lighting provides the bulk of illumination in the bathroom space. But consider adding accent and task lighting for more flexibility.

For example, wall sconces can provide extra light for personal grooming tasks. While a strategically placed pendant light provides an adjustable accent glow by the tub.


Both the sink and bath faucet can add style and functionality to the bathroom. KOHLER’s Components Collection of interchangeable spouts and handles. As well as bathroom accessories offer a wide range of timeless. Modern options that allow you to create a personalized faucet configuration. Tailor-made for any environment and decor. Choose your spout, then handle and finally finish — in a variety of offerings. For an ideal update that suits your design ideas.

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Vanities serve a utilitarian purpose in the bathroom. Offering storage necessary for bathing, grooming, and more. The vanity also is a focal point of the room. Becoming a key part of the overall aesthetic. If your vanity is dated, consider updating before replacing it. Hardware is one affordable option for an instant refresh. Remove old, dingy knobs and handles and replace them with modern ones found at your local home improvement store for a fast, notable makeover.


You probably don’t put much thought into your bathroom floor, but it offers a wonderful opportunity for a refresh. Dated linoleum or tile can easily be replaced with modern options that are sure to impress. Tile is always a good choice for the bathroom. Ceramic and marble tiles come in every color imaginable and can be laid in various patterns to add visual interest to space. What’s more, consider adding heated elements under the tile for a luxurious touch that keeps toes toasty.


Front and center on the main bathroom wall is a large mirror that helps you get ready for the day or prepare for bedtime. This mirror also creates a visual illusion of a larger space, reflecting the light and tricking the eye into thinking the wall is larger and more open than it is. Analyze your current mirror and consider updating it to a modern style. Size is another consideration. Is your bathroom mirror too small?

A good general rule is that it should measure several inches smaller than the vanity.

These five simple updates will have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of your bathroom. They will help you create a personalized space so you feel comfortable and at home every time you use it. – (BPT)

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