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John F. Koch III

John lives in Shelton with his wife Kim and has two adult children, Jamie and Johnny. Originally from Monroe, John has spent most of his life in this area, (how can someone leave such a beautiful area?)

After managing the operations of a truck parts manufacturer for nearly 17 years, John began to realize his true calling and began training for his Home Inspection career in 1994.

Since the mid 90’s John has inspected about 5000 homes ranging in age from 300 years old to new construction and ranging in size from 400 square foot condominiums to very large single family homes as well as multi-family buildings.

John’s complete understanding of homes, how they are built and how they operate, his attention to detail, thoroughness and honesty is what makes him an easy choice when deciding on a Home Inspector. Not to mention his professionalism and respect of the home itself and its owners is rare (wait till you see the booties).

John takes pride in helping his clients make sure their dream home doesn’t turn into a nightmare.
Connecticut Home Inspector License # HOI-60

John F. Koch IV

John F. Koch IV or Johnny, is one of the youngest in the state to complete an extensive home inspection internship and become a fully licensed home inspector. He has inspected hundreds of homes, providing his customers with straightforward yet comprehensive and instructive home inspections. Johnny comes to the home inspection business with a thorough background in framing and finish carpentry, with an extensive understanding of the “nuts and bolts” of home systems. Johnny is proud to have worked since he could swing a hammer at the age of ten and has acquired over 15 years of experience in home construction. He graduated from Emmett O’Brien Technical School.

Johnny has spent most of his life living in Shelton. He enjoys spending his free time outdoors doing anything from backpacking and mountain biking to skiing. He enjoys exploring anywhere he can get to. Johnny likes watching sports and always roots for the Mets and Giants, proving it’s not all about winning.

Johnny brings his personality to every inspection and strives to make his customers feel comfortable throughout the process. A true handyman at heart, Johnny can explain even the most complex systems and will provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions with confidence.

Kristen Muse

Whether you are a first time home buyer or realtor, Kristen’s attention to detail and ability to “listen & hear” a caller will ensure a smooth scheduling process. Kristen will most likely try to answer the questions, you aren’t even sure you need to ask.

Kristen is committed to bringing back “Old Fashioned Customer Service”. She understands how important it is to speak to an actual person, rather than a machine. If you get a machine, chances are she is on the other line…so don’t be surprised when she calls you back within minutes.

Born and raised in Reading, MA, you would be surprised to learn that Kristen currently resides in Rochester, NH…other then her slight “Boston” accent, you probably wouldn’t know that. (You have to wonder how she does that commute each day)

When Kristen is not answering the phones, you will probably find her in one of four places, on a Racquetball Court, (she is even nationally ranked) spending time with the kids over at Saint Charles Children’s Home, (a local orphanage in her town), relaxing by her pool with friends or in front of the TV cheering on her favorite teams…Boston Red Sox or New England Patriots…GO SOX & PATS!

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