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3 Inexpensive Home Maintenance Projects That Could Save You Thousands

Brought to you by Home Quest Home Inspection! Routine home maintenance: three words that likely evoke eye rolls, exasperated sighs and dread for most homeowners who read, hear or even think about them. However, they’re also a homeowner’s best line of defense when it comes to protecting their most important investment — their home. “Many…

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Home Projects You Can Do Before The Holidays

From your Friends at Home Quest Home Inspection! ‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly For Home Repairs And DIYs! Less than a month, and it’s officially the holidays. Soon enough, families and friends you haven’t seen the entire year will start roaming around your home. But, if your home could use some improvements before the…

First Time Home Buyers

Major Dilemmas of First-Time Home Buyers

Helpful Information by Home Quest Home Inspection! If you still remember your first home buying experience, you probably know all too well how strikingly emotional that event in your life was.  We know it wasn’t an overnight journey but it wasn’t really a relaxing time either. Here at Home Quest Home Inspection, we listed down…

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Top Tips To Protect Valuables From Extreme Weather Disasters

Helpful Information from Home Quest Home Inspection! Natural disasters cost Americans $91 billion in damages in 2018, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. With parts of the country amid peak hurricane season, and other regions of the country approaching the dangerous wildfire and flooding seasons, experts emphasize the importance of safeguarding key assets,…