Kristen Muse

Whether you are a first time home buyer or realtor, Kristen’s attention to detail and ability to “listen & hear” a caller will ensure a smooth scheduling process. Kristen will most likely try to answer the questions, you aren’t even sure you need to ask.

Kristen is committed to bringing back “Old Fashioned Customer Service”. She understands how important it is to speak to an actual person, rather than a machine. If you get a machine, chances are she is on the other line…so don’t be surprised when she calls you back within minutes.

Born and raised in Reading, MA, you would be surprised to learn that Kristen currently resides in Rochester, NH…other then her slight “Boston” accent, you probably wouldn’t know that. (You have to wonder how she does that commute each day)

When Kristen is not answering the phones, you will probably find her in one of four places, on a Racquetball Court, (she is even nationally ranked) spending time with the kids over at Saint Charles Children’s Home, (a local orphanage in her town), relaxing by her pool with friends or in front of the TV cheering on her favorite teams…Boston Red Sox or New England Patriots…GO SOX & PATS!